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This section of Resilience Forward provides pointers to our library of resources related to resilience within a business or organizational setting.

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We are continually building our Resilience Resources library so if you have a useful resource, white paper, report, template, academic paper, or anything else that you think would be useful to the resilience community please email the editor to discuss.


How do we define resilience?

Resilience Forward defines resilience as the ability of something to resist, respond, and adapt to pressure from its environment. 

This simple but powerful definition captures all the main aspects of a holistic approach to resilience for any entity. From a business and organizational perspective there are various aspects of resilience, such as operational resilience, organizational resilience, cyber resilience, supply chain resilience, and climate resilience. 

Resilience Forward offers resources covering all the above aspects of resilience, helping businesses and organizations develop and improve in these areas.