About Resilience Forward

Resilience Forward is an information provider and community focused on resilience professionals. We aim to help teams, businesses, and organizations to manage and integrate resilience effectively; and to help individual professionals to develop their skills, careers, and their own personal resilience. This is the thinking behind our strapline: Helping you integrate resilience today, for tomorrow…

Resilience Forward offers:

  • New and unique content and resources.
  • News and updates: the website is updated regularly with resilience-related news.
  • Career development: the website offers a jobs section where business and organizational jobs related to resilience are curated.
  • E. Journals:  free subscribed-to email distributed publications  provide a regular summary of the high value items which have been published in each resilience segment.
  • Community: The Resilience Community provides resilience professionals with the opportunity to network with  peers, discuss resilience topics, and share resources.

What’s in a name?

The Resilience Forward name was chosen after a lot of consideration:

Forward denotes a proactive and anticipatory stance, where efforts are made not just to respond to adversities but also to anticipate, prepare, and mitigate potential future challenges and stresses. As such it sums up the holistic approach that we take to covering the subject of resilience. Forward also implies looking to the future, which links to our goal of being the place where innovation in resilience is conceptualized, evaluated, discussed, and resourced.

We define resilience as the ability of something to resist, respond, and adapt to pressure from its environment. This simple but powerful definition captures all the main aspects of a holistic approach to resilience for any entity. From a business and organizational perspective there are various aspects of resilience, such as operational resilience, organizational resilience, cyber resilience, supply chain resilience, and climate resilience. Resilience Forward shows how our definition of resilience drives actions in each of these areas.


Resilience Forward is edited and managed by David Honour. David has been active in publishing content about resilience and business continuity since 1992. In that time he has edited Business Continuity magazine, Survive! magazine, GlobalContinuity.com, and ContinuityCentral.com

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