Sentinel Spaces: simplify your incident management

Everything you need to successfully manage any crisis in one easy to use and secure space…

Managing a crisis can be complex and stressful and the last thing you need is to spend precious time looking for documents, contact lists, plans, templates, or log-in details for various platforms. A new solution from Sentinel has been designed to remove this issue.

Sentinel Spaces enables you to set up various Spaces which are pre-prepared based on your crisis management requirements. Each Space pulls everything together that you will need to manage a specific type of incident so that it is all in one place and ready to use.

Spaces are ready for immediate activation and can be set up for:

Threats: for example cyber attacks, natural disasters, terror attacks, fire & evacuations, power outages, and supply chain failures.

Locations: Spaces can be specific to different facilities or business units.

Other specific needs: Spaces are very flexible! Whatever crisis you need to pre-prepare for can be facilitated with a Space.

What’s in a Space?

Creating Spaces is fast and simple, following four easy steps:

  • Step one: add staff, external contacts, suppliers and key customers into groups
  • Step two: add crisis response & business continuity plans, checklists and critical information
  • Step three: prepare ready-to-go mass notifications & chat channels for response teams
  • Step four: test readiness: run crisis simulations and crisis response training.

Spaces can be accessed via iOS, Android, and Web.

To find out more book a no-strings attached demo. Clicking the button below will take you to a page where you can select a day and time for when you would like your demo to take place. Demos take around 30 minutes and will show you how Sentinel Spaces works.

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